The House


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The House: The History of the House of Representatives by Robert V. Remini entails the transition underwent by the House of the Representatives since it became one of the most powerful political unit in America. It also shows that how democracy played a very vital role in shaping American throughout the years.


The book clearly presents the evolution of the House since it was founded in 1789. It shows all the downfalls as well as the issues that came between the House’s members which sometimes caused riffs and misunderstandings that threatened the stability of the House. Furthermore, the darker facets of the House of Representatives are also unveiled just like during after the Civil War when it became ineffective and filled with corruption. For the readers’ benefit, appendices with the lists of Speakers and Congressional leaders, along with sergeants-at-arms and other positions filled in the House are also provided in the book. Lastly, aside from being well-written and easy to read, the book does not fail to include fascinating stories of regarding the people who were part of the “People’s House.”


Some people may think that there is some bias when the book is written because its publication is sponsored by the House’s 1999 History of the House Awareness and Preservation Act. In addition, it seems that the book is written considering only the House’s point of view. Furthermore, some readers highly think the information provided in the book is not enough to give the people a clear perspective of the things that shaped the House of Representatives. On the other hand, there are others who reflect on the book’s lack of discussion regarding the more important topics concerning the House.


The author illustrates a clear picture of what has transpired as the House of Representatives evolved over time. He cites important historical anecdotes like how Henry Clay proved to be very crucial in helping the establishment of the House of Representatives. Furthermore, he opts to highlight more of the achievements of such people but not neglecting to discuss pertinent events of that shaped the history of the House of Representatives.

The House